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Reflections! One year anniversary of my book!

My book, “Agile Mindset Ma.g.i.c, Stories from the trenches” celebrates its one-year anniversary this month, December 2021. This book is my rendition of how to bring the change in mindset to be agile using a four-stage approach drenched with real-life stories from the trenches.

In case you haven't yet got your copy and read it, it’s available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon India, Amazon US and Amazon UK. If you are in India, you can get it from the publisher website NotionPress. Here's a looking back at the past year and extending a heartfelt thank-you to all the readers, reviewers, my publisher team and my well-wishers that have given my book such a warm welcome.

Thanks to all my readers for taking time to go through my book. I received phone calls, emails and messages on my social media from several readers telling me what they liked about the book. Thanks Rohit Joshi for writing down your glimpses from my book and thanks Anish K George for putting your review on goodreads. Thanks to the readers who have taken the time to post their reviews on Amazon. These energized and encouraged me to keep up my writing and evolve my thinking on this topic further.

While several of traditional managers informed me that the book helped them to get deeper understanding of the agile concepts through the stories I shared, I was amused at hearing one of the readers share how the book helped her in preparing and cracking her job interview! Some of my readers found the English language used in the book a barrier to understand. This inspired me to start writing something in Marathi, my mother tongue and my translation of the official scrum guide in Marathi is now available for download from

My book unlocked several doors for me to increase my professional network further as I got opportunities to speak at events as well as contribute to the agile community. I thoroughly relished the speaking engagements where I spoke about the book as well as behind the scenes. It was also a wonderful experience to reflect upon the book writing in an author interview on Books and Authors Bulletin.

I am grateful for the various ways that opened up for me for the external community contribution. Thanks to Agile Network India for giving me opportunity to be a volunteer leader for Mumbai chapter. I moderated a panel discussion on Enterprise agility which was a great learning experience and helped review and refine several other monthly events. It was an amazing experience to be a conference chair, part of review panel and moderator for panel discussion for Agile Mumbai 2021. Thanks to Agile India 2021 conference, I enjoyed sharing my experience report on Journey towards autonomous teams | A coach's toolkit. In my organization, Tata Consultancy Services, I spoke at the TCS LIVA conference, at Ultimatix Velocious conference on Musings on agile@scale, and Impetus 2021, a HiTech unit level conference. With each of these events, I have grown in my understanding and hopefully provoked some thoughts in the community that participated.

It has indeed been an incredible year post my book’s publishing and the learning journey continues! Looking forward to more readers from all of you and more engagement with the readers!

Warm gratefulness once again!

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