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Agile Mumbai 2023 - Reflections and Takeaways

A Sanskrit verse triggered a revelation for me at Agile Mumbai 2023: "Clear thinking combined with skilled action leads to sustained success." This ancient wisdom, coming from the last shloka from Bhagawad Gita, delivered by a passionate speaker, wasn't just another conference catchphrase. It became a food for thought for me, while wearing hats of program reviewer, a panel moderator and an anchor for Day 2.


Witnessing five thought-provoking keynotes, four panel discussions, some brilliant talks along with meeting like minded Agile enthusiasts, I walked away with practical lessons for building future-proof businesses. 

Here are my top five takeaways:

1. Spiritual Fuel for Sustainable Business: Forget quick fixes. Real transformation comes from merging intellect with an "inclusive holistic vision," as Bhagavad Gita puts it. Ditch the "crib, complain, criticize" cycle and find purpose in serving others. This, I learned, can be the hidden key to unlocking joy and thriving in the long run.

2. Beyond the Buzzwords: Data-Driven Sustainability: Sustainability isn't just a trendy hashtag. It's the new bottom line, alongside profit and people. Before adding another feature, ask yourself: will it serve humanity and the planet? And don't just rely on "HIPPO" (highest individual paid person's opinion). Dive into data, use frameworks like EEBO (Engineering Excellence to Business Outcomes), and measure impact on top line, bottom line, and beyond.

3. Mega Projects: Taming the Beast: Multi-year transformational projects are complex beasts. They demand large-scale investments and impact everything from the economy to the environment. Managing scope, time, cost, and a hundred other things can feel like herding cats. But projects like Saudi Vision 2030 prove it's possible. The key? Large, skilled teams and meticulous planning.

4. Emerging Tech Trends: Adaptability is Key: Forget FOMO (fear of missing out) on the latest tech toys. Instead, be like the panelists on my session: adaptable, curious, and collaborative. Embrace emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, and GenAI, but with caution. Assess impact, build a business case, and avoid over-engineering. Remember, technology serves your business, not the other way around.

5. Measure What Matters: Sustainability isn't just a feel-good buzzword. It's measurable. Track the impact of your efforts on top line, bottom line, customer satisfaction, and yes, even the environment. This data-driven approach helps you stay on track and constantly refine your approach.

Thanks, Agile Network India! This conference broadened my perspective and sparked new ideas. Did you attend Agile Mumbai 2023? What are your biggest takeaways from Agile Mumbai? Share them in the comments and let's keep the conversation going!

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