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Five Lessons I Learned from Positive Intelligence Program's Seven-Week Journey to Mental Fitness

I recently had the privilege of participating in Coach Shirzad Chamine's Seven-week Positive Intelligence program, a deep dive into mental fitness and self-awareness. While the course itself was insightful, I was particularly impressed by its structure and execution method, which I believe holds invaluable lessons for anyone designing learning programs. 

Here are my five key takeaways:

1. Laser Focus: The program tackled one specific topic each week, allowing for deep exploration and real-world application before moving on. This laser focus ensured thorough understanding and prevented information overload.

2. Expert Guidance: Shirzad provided clear and actionable guidance on daily exercises and weekly pod meetings. This structure kept us on track and maximized our learning potential.

3. Manageable Time Commitment: Despite its length, the program was designed with busy professionals in mind. One to two hours per week for the video and pod meeting, coupled with 10-15 minutes of daily practice, were manageable for even the most packed schedules.

4. Power of Community: The program fostered a sense of community, both through a larger online platform and smaller "pods" of colleagues. The larger group offered inspiration and diverse perspectives, while the smaller pod provided a safe space for sharing and mutual support.

5. Access to Additional Resources: The program went beyond the weekly video sessions. It provided access to a wealth of additional resources, including daily focus guides, 2-minute conversations with PQ coaches, course challenges, and Shirzad's book and audiobook. This allowed us to delve deeper into the material and personalize our learning experience.

The Positive Intelligence program's structure wasn't just about delivering content; it was about creating an environment that nurtured growth and transformation. By providing focus, guidance, manageable time commitment, a supportive community, and access to additional resources, the program empowered participants to unlock their mental potential. These lessons are invaluable for anyone designing learning programs that aim to empower individuals and create lasting change. Thank you very much Coach Shirzad Chamine.

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