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The Joy of the Tata Mumbai Marathon

This year, 2023, was the fifth time I was a part of the Tata Mumbai Marathon (erstwhile Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon). The first post pandemic marathon surely was reassuring that we are slowly returning to normalcy.

I am a Dream Runner, participating in the 6.9 km category. On a lighter note, people who run only in dreams, but walk in real life. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed the dream runs in the Mumbai Marathon every time.

In my first dream run, I registered on my own. Second one was with my husband. The third one was with my son. The fourth one was all four of us including my daughter and the fifth one was with my son and daughter. It's been a family outing and a memorable experience every time.

I still remember the first time the advertisement of the marathon caught my eyes was appealing to all Mumbaikars to run for themselves for once. It said, “You run to catch a train, you run to catch a bus, for once you run for yourself, your health!” Brilliance piece of advertisement! Mumbai reminds everyone of the blitz of the glamour of celebrities and ultra rich industrialists, but the average Mumbaikar like me are almost running for something all the time in Mumbai, to be on time for school, work, office, or home or wherever. We discuss catching 6:13 local train if we miss 6:07! Yes, we Mumbaikars do talk in minutes, not just hours. We call it a city that never sleeps for a reason.

Mumbai definitely has its own charm, and the charm of the Mumbai Marathon is even more alluring. I feel that's where all the good things in Mumbai seem to come together. Though marathon is a competitive event, everyone seems to be trying to #BeBetter than their previous run. Everyone encourages each other to keep going, saying kind words, cheering and clapping for each other and so on. Isn't that what even life is all about? Being better all the time, helping, supporting and encouraging each other as they take their journey!

The marathon also offers a chance to be in South Mumbai, soak in the air of marine drive and relish the skyline! We have never missed the selfies anytime during the marathon flanking the majestic ocean and sprawling skyline behind us.

The marathon being a Tata Mumbai Marathon is the icing on the cake adds more magic to a Tata employee like me! The Tata banners during the run bring smile to my face each time I see those. Tata Consultancy Services, my esteemed employer has always nudged all of us to be Fit4Life and sports sponsorships is a TCS way to encourage healthy lifestyle and building meaningful relationships.

Thanks TCS and Tata Mumbai Marathon for keeping the quest for fitness in me and several of us. Long live Tata Mumbai Marathon!

Image credit for banner: Sport illustrations by Storyset

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